Quick Dry Sports Towel /Travel Towel/swimming Towel

Qihai textile is a Chinese manufacturer produce microfiber sports towel, travel towels.

Convenient to employ microfiber towel is remarkably soft to the touch and even gentle to the skin. Very absorbent for much less drying period, the towel soaks up a great deal of water to dry up the body off immediately, the Qihai Textile microfiber towel trim down your very own drying time. This is durable for regular use and the air-dried soft towel is high-quality rather than color bleeding types.


The Qihai Textile Microfiber travel towel comes with nylon fine mesh bag and the travel towel can certainly fold up compactly into the very small bag for storage as well as travel with it. The Qihai Textile Microfiber travel towel is the room or space-saving made really easy, lightweight and then ultra-compact, take the microfiber soft towel to a health club, to yoga and even swimming.


Qihai Microfiber travel towel, with 1 loop fasteners, 1 mesh bag, quick drying and versatile, ideal for the gym, exercise, travel, beach, sports, hiking, swimming, backpacking, and it’s orange color.


Microfiber Travel Towel Features

  • Soft and easy to clean: 40”x20”made of microfiber material, smooth to the skin, machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Quick drying: the fast absorbent towel is able to quickly dry your body and hair, which reduces the drying time for its use by repeating
  • Snap Loop Hanging: the embedded loop brooch is well designed to easily connect the sports towel anywhere while going outdoors
  • Intelligent Design Package: super light, ultra compact and convenient to fold, comes with a mesh bag to prevent portable moisture
  • Use Of Multiple Functions: versatile and durable
  • Fabric and also Care 80% polyester, 20% nylon microfiber
  • Brand: OEM your company brand
  • Microfiber travel towel Size is: 40 x 20 or according to your requirements.
  • Color: orange


Very Good and Soft Materials

Microfiber travel towels are usually made of microfiber material and often use very good and soft materials in the towel, which can be so soft with every use. The towels are usually not too big or too small modified, and in fact, they are created with a Traveler or Athlete mentality that allows much more stability and safety in your training or your exclusivity.


Microfiber towels are usually used when you travel. These are habitually compact, lightweight, so they can be easily packed in your luggage. When traveling and in any case where rent or whatever you want, Microfiber travel towel give you a hygienic layer. As nobody cares about hygiene when it comes to training in the gym or strengthening the asanas!


In addition, some people think that Microfiber Travel Towels are suitable for a yoga mat alternative, which is, sometimes placed on the floor to become a platform for their yoga exercises, as they can be taken anywhere.


The Reasons For Using Microfiber Travel Towels Are Many.

If you are going on vacation, to the beach or to the business world, it is preferable to travel. When traveling, it is advisable that the towel you are taken along is lightweight and compact and can be folded. The towel must not only be lightweight and compact but also be made of a material that dries quickly. This is because sometimes while traveling, you do not have much time to dry your bath towel.


Microfiber Travel Towel is an ideal travel option. This is because the Microfiber bath towels are super absorbent and also dry quickly. Microfiber cloths have an exceptionally high absorbency. Microfiber Travel Towel can soak water up to 7 times its weight. It’s ideal if you need a towel to dry quickly and hurry to a business meeting.


A Microfiber Travel Towel Is the Best Option If You Are In A Hurry

microfiber travel towels are perfect since they are our traveling companion. They fit easily in small and limited spaces. Not only are they comfortable to take anywhere, but also efficient when it comes to your bathroom needs.


A microfiber travel towel is the best option if you are in a hurry and need your very own to dry up quickly. Because the microfiber travel towel material is made of extremely small and thin fibers, it is expected that this type of cloth will be extremely soft and velvety.


The softness of a microfiber bath towel is unparalleled because the fiber is made of microfiber that is even thinner than a hair.


Another feature of a microfiber bath towel is when you are in another city or country for a business meeting and need to get to the meeting point quickly. You wake up, shower and wrap yourself in a towel. If you carry a standard towel, it will take several minutes to remove the moisture from the skin. But with Microfiber travel towels, everything is done in minutes.


Microfiber Travel Towels Do The Opposite

When you travel, you usually do not have enough time to hang your towel out there. If you just fold a towel and put it in your suitcase, it will get mold and smell very bad. Microfiber travel towels do the opposite; they dry quickly, even when they are not displayed in the sun. Due to the above-mentioned attributes, they are really the best option for travelers.


Microfiber Travel Towels dry quickly at room temperature. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about the unpleasant odor that comes from your wet towel. The Microfiber Travel Towel can be washed in the washing machine for easy cleaning.


In Conclusion

This very quick-drying towel quickly dries your body and hair, dramatically reducing drying time for repeated use. The embedded snap loop is actually well designed to easily hook or perhaps hand the towel anywhere, as we have already mentioned, while we are on the go. Microfiber travel towels are equipped with a portable mesh bag also to prevent moisture. The towel is versatile as well as durable; you can confirm this honest review as you lay hand on the Microfiber Travel Towel now. Thanks for reading.