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What is beach towel?

What is beach towel?


what is beach towel

Beach towel

Beach towel is a kind of towel. There are two different of beach towel, one is cotton beach towel, and another is microfiber beach towel.  Size is bigger than bath towel; standard size is 70cmx140cm, 80cmx100cm, 100cmx180cm, etc. The beach towel is famous for colorful design and different artwork. Beach towel can be used in outdoor, sports, washing, as well as flat lay out on beach and ground.

round beach towel factory

Application of beach towel

Beach towel has larger size than normal bath towel, same like bath towel, it can be wrap on waist, warp around people’s body, as well as neck, and function as cover cloths. One side of beach towel flat on the beach, another side touch human’s body. We can lay down on beach towel , enjoy a happy sunbath.


Different kind of beach towel

By material: cotton beach towel, microfiber beach towel

By shape: round beach towel, standard beach towel, irregularity beach towel

By user: child beach towel, adult beach towel  



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