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Features of microfiber suede towel China manufacturer microfiber towel

In the most European and America countries, microfiber suede fabric be widely use as raw material of microfiber quick dry towel, fitness towel, microfiber beach towel , swimming microfiber towel.

microfiber towel manufacturer

As a new newly-developing material, microfiber suede main feature is quick dry and water absorption, application in sports area. Material content is 20% polyamide, and 80% polyester, some are 30% polyamide and 70% polyamide.


Microfiber suede towels own following features:

  1. Quick dry and water absorption. Almost 7 to 9 times absorption water ability.

    2、Easy cleaning and not colour fading. The microfiber yarn can be absorbed daily life stain easily. With bright-colored printing, high color fastness

    3、Antibiosis and anti-static

4、Towel Weight is very lighter. Normally a microfiber towel weight is only about 100g, volum is very small, you could put this towel in your bag, and this towel is very easy to roll and unfolded in handbag.


Microfiber fabric is also very fine and smooth ,widely use in the fitness towel, sports towel, outdoor towel, swimming towel, quick dry towel, beach towel, Bathrobe, mobile phone bag, glasses fabric.


    Our manufacturer produce microfiber towel for many years, we are also OEM for many famous brand in the world.



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